Registration Information | The Gate River Run

How To Register

There are two different ways to register. Please note: All entries are non-refundable.

  1. Online
    Registration closes online on March 4th or when the race reaches 20,000 participants. Registration will be available at the Runner’s Expo on March 5th and 6th if the race does not fill prior to that time. There is no day of Race registration.
  2. In person
    Come into any 1st Place Sports Store through Tuesday, March 3rd and use our computer kiosk to sign up online without paying any server fees. For a list of our store locations, click here.

Entry Fee Structure

All entries are non-refundable.

Through December 31st$45.00$30.00
January 1st – January 31st$50.00$35.00
February 1st – February 28th$55.00$40.00
March 1st – March 6th, and at the Runner’s Expo if spots still available$60.00$45.00

Friend Get Friend $5.00 Refund Program

When you register online you will receive a unique code in your confirmation email. Pass that code along to friends and tell them to use the code when registering and you will receive a $5 refund each time someone registers using your code. You can have your full entry fee refunded using this program. Invite your friends now! You must sign up by March 1st and Friends must register by March 2nd.